Never Where been presented as a series of remade maps. Fragmented images made by hand making papers, and it have four different approaches: Empty Map, Comments Map, Satellite Map, and State Map. The path I put on the maps are a record of one of my trips. It passes through the unreadable maps, start from unknown, end of nowhere, but indeed happened, building a stark contradiction with the broken backgrounds.

I am always interested in the status during travel. Traveler go to places as an outsider and stay a short time. I became aware of contradictions between my expectations of the places I’m going to from those I already have in my mind: through books, websites, other people’s descriptions, and my own research. These memories are sometimes conscious, sometimes not. But the reality is much more complicated and diverse.

Travel seems to create a temporary experience. The more I want to participate in it, the more I feel excluded. Instead of saying I feel discomfort, contradiction or disconnected with the unfamiliar world, I would like to say that actually, the traveler is watching their own life and experience during a travel. All the memories we recalled, again and again, more like a self- searching and self-constructing. Perhaps, those things that we cannot touch is our own.