One’s sense of self is marked by a place in the “here and there” and by time in the “now and then”.

Roni Horn

‘Unfinished’ is a project based on WEB ADDRESS, an interactive website in which people can relate to my life experience. All of the images in my “world” are Chinese photographs and postcards from the 1980s and 1990 appropriated from the internet. The design was inspired by traditional Chinese long-scroll painting. The markers on specific places link to videos, images or a website that represent my memories.

The fragmented images act as a collective consciousness that comes together to create an emotion-scape of fleeting memories. I try to express the notion of “identical experience”, making the personal impersonal, by creating work that is about sense of self. The collage landscape aims to evokes the memories of the viewer to feel their own memory-travels as they find something familiar within the “world.” 

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