This is the soliloquy of a patient with hepatitis C

In 1980s and 1990s, hepatitis C virus was unbeknownst to Chinese people. It was unfortunate that a vast majority of people have been infected with hepatitis C virus without any understanding of it. As a silent killer, however, this disease will not break out until a long latent period, and it will be too late when the disease is discovered. At present, interferon therapy is the only way to cure this disease, and the patient will get into trouble in case of treatment failures. The disease will either act as the life-long companion of the patient, or become naturally worsened.

A depth camera (Kinect) was connected with a digital camera through a special cradle head, and the contrast was regulated to be as small as possible (the data was collected from Rgbftoolkid) for shooting. Next, colorful photos taken by the digital camera was integrated with depth images shot by the depth camera with drgb toolkit to present current depth images with colors.