This series of images talking about time and relationship.

I use pinhole camera and 4×5 camera with 4×5 negative color films to take these pictures which record the duration of actions when my boyfriend and I stay together. The exposure time of each of the images depends on the durations of actions in real time. The process of making the work is almost out of my control and the actions we are doing seem vague. For me, all of these are the visually expression of the unstable and invisible relationship.

My boyfriend and I live in two places since we came to America one year ago, New York and Providence. We visit each other about twice a month and each time for two or three days. We try our best to stay together during the fleeting weekends. I feel it just like an episode which is irrelevant from my daily life. However, we even can not remember clearly what we do exactly during our countless visits. It is so hard to pin point every action we did in a specific time. When many short-period memory overlap constantly, there are only some impressive fragments: sleeping, cooking, taking shower, watching a movie...

The durations are unique in our relationship. Each of the scene leaves us a deep impression which only belongs to us. We try so hard to remember it, but we are also not sure if we should do so. The movements we captured are also the shape of time which is the proof of existence of relationship.